Budget-Friendly Hotel for Summer Holiday Weekends in OCMD

Budget-Friendly Hotel for Summer Holiday Weekends in OCMD

Who doesn’t want to get away for an affordable long weekend at the beach in the summer?! Whether you’re aiming for a holiday weekend like Memorial Day, or just a quick four-day respite from your 9 to 5, Americana Resorts has everything you need to make the most of your vacation! 

If you’re not quite convinced it’s time to click “Book Now,” check out our top reasons to choose Americana for your budget-friendly hotel during summer holiday weekends in OCMD.

Book Americana Resorts for Memorial, Fourth of July, or Labor Day Weekends

Here are our top reasons for booking with Americana Resorts for any of the summer holidays or a long weekend stay. 

  • Stay Close to Holiday Events
    Countless events are happening all summer long in OCMD! Book Americana Resorts so that you’re never far from fun. Several of our properties are on the boardwalk and in the heart of all the action! 
  • Make the Most of a Short Vacation
    If you can only get away for half a week, why not make it worth the time? Stay in an oceanfront room within walking distance of the boardwalk, restaurants, and entertainment so you don’t waste any time getting from place to place! 
  • Options to Make Your Group Happy
    If you’re traveling with friends or family, our spacious rooms will meet the needs of your group. If a larger space is needed, America Resorts suites are available to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We also offer condos on 6th and 10th Street, and our more private properties, the Cabin at the Beach and the Sunset House
  • Celebrate Safely
    Booking a hotel for the holiday weekends means that you won’t have to drive! You can relax on the beach in the summer sun all day long, without having to make the exhausting trek back home after the fireworks!
  • Sunrise and Sunsets on the Beach
    So often in life, we’re moving too fast. By booking a hotel for a long weekend, you can take the time to enjoy every minute, including oceanfront views for sunrise and sunset. Not sure the view is worth it? See for yourself on our live webcam!

Contact Americana Resorts with any questions about your long weekend reservation. Book early to ensure you have plenty of room options to choose from!