Ocean Renaissance in Ocean City, MD

Mermaid in a pool

Embrace your inner nautical character with the Ocean Renaissance: Rise of Atlantis event taking place in Ocean City, MD from July 29th to 31st! At Americana Resorts, we’re ready for all the excitement and have rooms ready to welcome everyone to town for the festivities. Book your stay at the hotel, condo, or beach house that works best for you and your crew! We have plenty of options to choose from to have the best vacation possible!

OCMD Seaside Fantasy Convention

What is the Ocean Renaissance? This fantasy-filled weekend is based on sea characters from mythology, history, and literature. Whether your favorites are mermaids, fishermen, pirates, or Captain Jack Sparrow, you’ll love the crowd at this event.

There’s plenty to see and participate in throughout the weekend. Dress up to join the Walk the Plank fashion show and win prizes for the best costumes. The Bizarre Bazaar will be the perfect opportunity to shop for unique, one-of-a-kind items from over 70 artisans who share your love of the sea.

Get ready for a treat with an abundance of performances including live music, mermaids, jesters, pirates, magicians, and more. The weekend kicks off on Thursday, July 28th with boardwalk busking, and a good old-fashioned Ocean City bar crawl starting at 7 PM before you head back to your quarters for the night.

Tickets for this awesome weekend are available at the door. All ages are welcome! Need oceanfront accommodations to match the theme of your stay? Luckily for you, Americana Hotels has the best places to stay in town. Book your room today!