Tips for Booking Affordable Beachside Accommodations in OCMD

Tips for Booking Affordable Beachside Accommodations in OCMD

Everyone should have the chance to wake up to the sound of the ocean at one point in their lives. But, booking a vacation rental with a view on a budget takes a little bit of savvy. Americana Resorts has tips for booking affordable beachside accommodations in Ocean City, Maryland. 

Book Direct with Americana Resorts

Americana Resorts has multiple properties to choose from in Ocean City, MD, including Americana Hotel Oceanfront, Americana Motor Inn Oceanfront, 6th Street Condos, 10th Street Condos, or Cabin at the Beach. When you’re looking to book an economically-minded beachside stay, you’ll want to follow these great tips!

  • Make Reservations Directly

Avoid using a third-party hotel booking website, as the pitfalls usually outweigh the minimal cost savings. Booking directly on the Americana Resorts website allows you to take advantage of our specials and avoid complicated cancellation policies should you need to reschedule your trip.A

  • Follow Americana Resort’s Social Media and Blog

When you start to build a relationship with us online, you will learn when the best deals are happening. Join our mailing list to get rate discounts in your inbox!

  • Be Flexible with Dates

Oftentimes, weekdays are less expensive for a beachfront hotel stay. If you’re willing to adjust your typical vacation timing away from weekends, you will save big!

  • Book in Advance

In most cases, it’s best to book as far ahead as possible. Booking in advance will ensure you have the most options to choose from as far as which Americana Resort property, bed size, and view. 

  • Book with Friends 

Consider expanding your vacation rental to a condo with 2 or 3 rooms at Americana Resort’s 6th Street location. Overall, this may make the experience more affordable for each person.

Each of the properties at Americana Resorts has so much to offer the cost-conscious traveler. We can’t wait to see you at the beach! Book now